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The Ink Well ink cartridges, Premium Compatible ink cartridge brand. Epson, Canon, HP,    Kodak, Brother compatible ink cartridges. Guaranteed to match the print life, Print quality and compatibility of the original brands. All of our inks must pass a 2 month long quality test.

Our research on compatible ink is backed up by BBC Rip off Britain Click Here to watch. All of our compatible ink cartridges exceed market standards. Here is some information on our compatible ink cartridges: The Ink Well compatible inks far exceed any other compatible ink cartridge. We test all of The Ink Well compatible ink cartridges that we make or offer for sale and are happy to guarantee the quality of the output and the life of the cartridges. We printed several imagesusing the originals and then flushed the print heads out and ran exactly the same process using the compatibles. Our results were then placed onto a wall to test for fading over a period of time. Our colleagues did not know which was the original and which was not, they struggled to tell the difference between one and the other. So based on a price, performance and compatibility ratio. They are fantastic value. You also get at least the same amounts of prints from our ink as you do the original brands. Most of our compatible cartridges actually exceed the amount of prints. The Ink Well guarantees your satisfaction with all of our compatible ink cartridges. There are some bad compatible ink cartridges out there that print lines on the page, are blotchy and run out very quickly. Print off colour etc. The Ink Well compatible ink cartridges are guaranteed not to do this. They are tested rigorously before being offered for sale by us. We guarantee all of our compatible ink cartridges in full. To view our product guarantee scroll down to the bottom of our returns policy.


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